Sweet Meadow – Veteran Mix

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Pack Size 20Kg
Sweet Meadow – Veteran Mix

High fibre, conditioning mix .

Specifically formulated to maintain condition and quality of life in the older horse.

Excellent source of quality protein to help prevent the loss of muscle tone.

Extra calories from high levels of digestive fibre and oil to prevent weight loss.

Includes a high spec vitamin and mineral package to promote all round well being.

Includes soya oil to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

All cereals are micronized for maximum digestibility.

Suitable for the older horse who is starting to lose a little condition on their normal diet.

 Feed alongside a suitable easy to chew and digest chaff such as Sweet Meadow Senior Chaff to further increase the fibre content.



Nutritional Information
Oil: 4.5%, Protein: 12.7%, Fibre: 11.5%, Ash: 5.6%

Vitamin A iu 12000 Vitamin D3 iu 2000 Vitamin iu 55

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