Sweet Meadow – Stamina Mix

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Pack Size 18Kg
Sweet Meadow – Stamina Mix

High fibre, high oil medium energy performance mix.

Slow release energy for stamina, strength and a controlled performance.

Low starch, lower cereal content than most performance mixes, all cereals are micronized.

Includes a high spec vitamin and mineral package to support performance and aid recovery times.

An excellent fibre to concentrate ratio important for healthy gut function.

Provides a combination of energy sources.

Highly digestible fibre provides slow release energy balanced with micronized cereals providing easily absorbed energy to fuel the vital organs including the brain aiding concentration over a sustained period of work.

Contains good quality protein sources to promote muscle tone.

Ideal for competition and hardworking horses that require a low starch diet due to behavioural or digestive issues.



Nutritional Information
Oil: 7%, Protein: 10.5%, Fibre: 16%, Ash: 9%

Vitamin A iu 13950 Vitamin D3 iu 1990 Vitamin E iu 120





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