Sweet Meadow – Horse & Pony Nuts

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Pack Size 20Kg
Sweet Meadow – Horse & Pony Nuts

Non – heating nutritionally balanced cube.

Low energy, high fibre.

Ideal for horses at rest and in light work. Easy to digest – suitable for convalescing and senior horses.

Can be soaked into a palatable mash with an equal volume of hot or cold water.

Mash can be fed to the older horse with poor teeth or the tired horse requiring fluids and electrolytes.

Lower starch levels than most leisure mixes. Suitable for the sharp, fizzy horse.

Good value for money.



Nutritional Information
Oil: 2.75%, Protein: 8.75%, Fibre: 18.%, Ash: 9%

Vitamin A iu 8200 Vitamin D3 iu Vitamin E iu

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