Sweet Meadow - Bloom & Shine +TURMERAID

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Pack Size 15kg
Sweet Meadow - Bloom & Shine +TURMERAID


TurmerAid from the golden paste company

High oil conditioning Fibre feed complete with high Spec vitamin & mineral balancer pellet containing live yeast to support gut function and Termeraid

When fed at recommended levels of 2kg per day for a 500kg horse Bloom and Shine provides the recommended daily rate of Termeraid

The main ingredient in +TurmerAid is Turmeric which contains a minimum level of 5.1% curcumin and another 200 compounds which benefit the horse, including black pepper, micronized linseed, yucca and apple cider vinegar for palatability.

Bloom & Shine also contains a unique blend of milled seaweed combined with a highly active live yeast, designed to support gut function by acting as a probiotic on the gut microflora. This promotes the growth of fibre digesting bacteria reducing lactic acid accumulation. It also contains optimum levels of biotin and other nutrients such as zinc and methionine, all important for the growth of healthy hooves.

Suitable for all horses & ponies. It will supply the leisure horse or pony in light to medium work with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Bloom can also be used to boost an existing diet.

Unrivalled Show Condition & Shine.

High fibre low starch.

Excellent source of highly digestible fibre Good source of quality protein.

Can be fed as a complete feed or added to the existing diet Promotes condition and shine without having a heating effect.


Nutritional Information

Oil 9% Crude Protein 9% Crude Fibre 18% Ash 11%

Vitamin A iu 13500 Vitamin D3 iu 1750 Vitamin E iu100

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