Sweet Meadow – Active Mix

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Pack Size 20Kg
Sweet Meadow – Active Mix

A traditional competition mix suitable for working horses in medium to hard work competing regularly.

 Nutrient dense to maintain body condition and aid rapid recovery from strenuous exercise.

 Provides a combination of energy sources – slow release energy from highly digestible fibre and oil to provide stamina and power.

 Inclusion of micronized flaked oats to provide instant energy for extra sparkle.

 Quality protein for growth and repair, supporting excellent muscle tone and continuous tissue development and repair.

 Best suited to the laid back competition horse and those requiring more energy.



Nutritional Information
Oil: 3.5%, Protein: 12.5%, Fibre: 10.5%, Ash: 8%

Vitamin A iu 16200 Vitamin D3 iu 2100 Vitamin E iu 300

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