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Sweet Meadow horse & pony feeds have been manufactured to the highest specifications using top quality ingredients sourced from approved suppliers.

This feeding guide is designed as a basic guide to quantities of feed required. Remember horses vary in terms of metabolism, temperament etc. and should always be treated as individuals. Our feeds are designed to form the sole concentrate part of the diet. Only good quality forage (grass, hay, haylage or chop) and a constant supply of fresh, clean water need to be added to meet your horse or pony’s nutritional needs. Additional salt can be advantageous for horses and ponies in harder work. 

Our comprehensive range of chaffs and fibre feeds are manufactured to the highest specifications using top quality ingredients sourced from approved suppliers. Sweet Meadow Original can be fed ad-lib as required to increase your horse’s fibre intake. It can be added to the concentrate meal / bucket feed or dampened a little and used as a partial hay replacer if required. However, if your horse or pony is on a calorie-controlled diet or prone to laminitis then Sweet Meadow Lite will be the preferred choice. Sweet Meadow Herbi can also be fed ad-lib as required to increase fibre intake either added to concentrates or used as a partial hay replacer.

Top 10 Feeding Tips

  • Make all adjustments to diet gradually
  • Feed according to workload
  • Establish a regular feeding programme
  • Feed little & often
  • Do not work immediately after feeding
  • Feed by weight rather than volume
  • Provide fresh clean water at all times
  • Store feed in cool, dry, vermin free conditions
  • Adjust forage:concentrate ratio according to workload
  • Never feed immediately after hard work

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Feeding Levels

Recommended Concentrate Feeding Levels (daily ration in kg’s)

  100 kg
e.g. Shetland
200 kg
e.g. Small Welsh Section A
300 kg
e.g. Welsh Section B/C
400 kg
e.g. Dales/Light Hack 
500 kg
e.g. Welsh Cob 15.2–16hh T'bred
600 kg
e.g. 16hh Irish Draught/Hunter Type
Light 0.9 kg 1.4 kg 1.9 kg 2.3 kg 2.8 kg 3.1 kg
Medium 1.4 kg 2.2 kg 3 kg 3.7 kg 4.4 kg 5 kg
Hard 1.7 kg 2.75 kg 3.7 kg 4.6 kg 5.5 kg 6.25 kg


Feeding Levels

How to calculate your horse's weight

Step 1: Find the heart girth in cm’s & multiply it by itself = A Step 2: Multiply A by the length of the horse (point of shoulder to point of hip) = B Step 3: Divide B by 11877 & this gives you a fairly accurate estimate of bodyweight.

Suggested % Forage: Concentrate Ration

Light - 75% Forage : 25% Concentrate

Medium - 60-70% Forage : 40-30% Concentrate

Hard - 50% Forage : 50% Concentrate

Levels of Work

Light - 1 hour hack/1 hour schooling 3 times a week

Medium - 2 hours hack/2 hours schooling daily

Hard - Hunting twice a week/racing or eventing regularly

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