Horse Feed FAQs

This section is dedicated to answering those questions you have in connection with care for your horse. Please feel free to submit a question we may include it in this section in future.

  • Question: My retired pony is 30 years old with very few teeth. he can't really chew his haylage adequately. he is'nt dreadfully poor but could afford to put a little more weight on. how can i ensure he is receiving enough fibre in his diet?

    Answer: Feed a good quality bagged fibre product such as Super Molichop Original, Herbi or Lite. These can be offered ad ? lib, dampened if required in a large skip or bucket. High Fibre nuts such as Sweet Meadow Horse and Pony nuts can be soaked in hot water for 5 minutes to make a mash.

  • Question: As the day gets longer I am able to ride more often resulting in an increase in workload for my welsh cob cross. He is in good condition but tires easily. What do you suggest?

    Answer: A high energy fibre feed such as Super Molichop Shreddi with small amounts of competition mix such as Sweet Meadow Active topped up with a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement will provide slow release energy for stamina and a source of instant energy for a little extra sparkle.

  • Question: I have a very good doer in light work, hacking out at weekends only. I like to put something in his bucket when the rest of the yard are being fed. What do you suggest?

    Answer: A low calorie fibre feed containing a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement such as Super Molichop Lite.

  • Question: My native show pony suffers from lamintis, how can I safely feed him to lessen the risk and keep him in show condition?

    Answer: Feed a product high in fibre but low in sugar with minimal starch levels. If you are feeding below the manufacturers recommended daily amounts remember to add a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. Super Molichop Lite and Sweet Meadow Lo ? Sugar mix are both suitable products.

  • Question: My horse gets quite sharp and unmanageable during the Winter months, how can I keep him looking well withour making this problem any worse?

    Answer: Feed for work done, if you can?t ride as frequently due to dark nights and weather conditions reduce your horse?s concentrates. Feed plenty of good quality forage. If you do need to feed a conditioning product choose one high in fibre and oil with reasonably low starch levels. Super Molichop Bloom and Sweet Meadow conditioning mix are both useful products in this situation.

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