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Youngs Animal Feeds are producers and distributors of animal feeds to the wholesaler, retailer and end user. We supply a wide range of feeds, including equine, livestock, small animal, pig & poultry and pet foods, alongside many associated products. Nationally we are one of the biggest distributors of equine branded feeds, including Allen & Page, Baileys, Dengie, Dodsons, Spillers, Saracen and many more.

Our head office at Standon Mill in rural Staffordshire has stood for many years, in fact there is a water powered ‘feed mill’ recorded in the Doomsday book. Combined with our two other distribution sites in Cheshire and Liverpool, Youngs Animal Feeds are well positioned to be able to supply both ‘own brand feeds’ and well known branded products to the wholesaler and end user. With our own lorries and friendly staff we are able to provide a high quality personal service.

Standon Mill houses a modern fibre plant where we produce the Sweet Meadow range of chaffs and fibre feeds.

Our ability to source the highest quality raw materials with the latest manufacturing techniques, enables us to make some of the best products available on the market.

We constantly strive to develop the products to ensure we are at the forefront of the market and meet the requirements of the end user.

1937- Standon Mill

1937 - Standon Mill

Present - Standon Mill

Present Day - Standon Mill

2006 - Fibre Plant

2006 - Fibre Plant
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What is Feed Assurance?

In recent years food scares such as BSE & E.Coli have been hitting the headlines, giving people a lack of confidence in food products. There is also consumer concern over the welfare of animals & the effects of modern agricultural practices & food processing practices on the environment. People therefore want to know their food is ‘safe’.


Youngs Animal Feeds are pleased to have been members of the UFAS Feed Assurance Scheme (reg 137) since 1999 and the BETA NOPS Code of Practice for the control of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances. Manufacturing and warehousing requires the following of strict guidelines and processes, alongside regular auditing to ensure conformity. We only source materials from suppliers & growers who follow a recognised assurance scheme, allowing us to trace the raw materials right the way through to the finished products.

Youngs Animal Feeds uses HACCP as a means to recognise feed safety standards in all stages of production, maintenance, distribution and services.

What Does it Involve?

Once a year, or sooner if new machinery has been installed, our quality control manager looks at every point along the manufacturing process from choosing raw material suppliers, intake of raw materials, mixing on each production line, packaging, palleting, storage, order picking & delivery.

At each step of this process an assessment is made to see if there are any hazards which could effect the quality or safety of the animal feed we produce. If at any point there is a risk of a hazard occurring which would effect the product quality or safety - a control measure is put in place to stop this happening.

This process of risk assessment is called HACCP Analysis. Work procedures are then written for our employees to follow which consider the guidelines that are set by UFAS. This ensures we produce & supply safe, quality animal feed.

To ensure we are compliant with all the standards laid down in the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme an inspection is then carried out each year by an independent auditor.

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The Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) guidelines cover:

  • Principles of good manufacturing
  • Design & maintenance of plants
  • Feed materials
  • Manufacturing including HACCP principle
  • Storage
  • Loading, transport & delivery
  • Quality Control
  • Complaints
  • Product recall
  • Personnel & training
  • Documentation & traceability

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